Monday, January 2, 2012

Where have you gone Rex Morgan, M.D?

Priorities change in a flash. I was worrying about how I'm going to get my nocturnal children {and my nocturnal self} up for school tomorrow and about how to stock up my fridge and clean up my house and finish up some work before chemo tomorrow {not gonna happen, likely}, but that's all changed. My priority now is finding out why the hell my local newspaper has dropped Rex Morgan, MD from the comics page. I'm horrified, outraged and really sad. I've been an avid Rex Morgan fan for longer than I can remember, I'm hooked on the pointless soap opera sagas that take months to play out in only four frames a day. Rex is part of my morning ritual, if I don't have time to read the whole paper, I always flip to Rex Morgan before getting on with my day. This is personal ProJo, you can't do this to me now! Sometimes change is good, but sometimes, it's bad, very bad. You will be hearing from me ProJo Editor! Tampering with the comics page is serious business.

Aside from that trauma, I'm very pleased that I made it through my first chemo cycle without serious incident or visit to the hospital. I'm pleased I have only a minor cold despite having minimal white blood cells. I'm not pleased that I'm starting this all over again tomorrow before feeling recovered, before having any really good days, I had good portions of days, but not whole normal days. Although, while I had many bad days, I didn't have any truly scary or unbearable days... just bad days. Strange when bad days are appealing because they're not awful, horrible days... just really bad. Priorities change, and I suppose so do expectations.

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  1. Good luck tomorrow, LuckyBird. My heart is with you.