Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Adventures with AudioBooks

I'm home safe and sound after chemo... if this is my brain, I am the egg in the frying pan. My blood counts were perfect {almost, but close enough}, white blood cells went up all on their own and the fact that I'm having every side effect from chemo is actually a good thing... it means it's doing what it's supposed to be doing and my body is doing what it's supposed to be doing. I'm very excited about my new nausea meds, steroids which might even give me energy, if so, I'll take it. Otherwise, this time around I'm giving in... if I need to sleep for 4 days, I'm sleeping for 4 days, or 6, whatever, I'm not fighting it, I'm losing my denial.

My hospital is building a chemo-wing addition which is testament to the ridiculous number of people that have cancer and need chemo chairs, but this is also very exciting news, because, while my doctor is staying in the old wing... I learned the new wing is going to have an acupuncture room and thanks to a grant, it will likely be free. I might be in there harassing the contractors to hurry up, me needs me some free acupuncture, right now. This is very exciting.

I spent most of my time there today trying to figure out how to download an audiobook to the iPad and while I don't consider myself a techno-dope, might have to get real on that. One of the very distracting side effects of chemo has been my vision, it's blurry and sometimes vibrating, and my head is heavy and tired... not good for reading and I can only handle so many Kardashians. Honestly, my eyeballs are too tired for TV and I find it too loud and annoying and as when boys are home it's usually on for watching or gaming or ignoring... I tend to prefer it off when given the chance.

The object of my desire was Game of Thrones. First I accidentally purchased the eBook, unnecessary because I have the actual book. Then I went to audible.com where you get a "free" audio book with trial membership and with the $15/mo. membership, you get a free book every month and discounts and those audio books are freaking expensive. Game of Thrones is $45. So I signed up to get my free book only to be told my book counts as two books, fuck it, I paid the $22 and tried to download it. Sorry, incompatible with Safari... so I download the Audible App... sorry, you need wifi {not 3g I suppose} or to download to iTunes. Tried iTunes and for the sheer life of me couldn't figure out how to find or download my book. So somewhere out there in the ether, my audio book is floating around, doing me not a whit of good and I'm too tired to figure it out now, but this most certainly, was not a one-click adventure. And if you didn't watch Game of Thrones on HBO, I highly recommend, especially if there's a teenaged boy in your life... nothing says bonding with mom like a little sci-fi and violence, at least for my boy and me. Yep, we've watched Lord of the Rings more times than I can count and we love it equally, and Firefly is another fave, I recommend to everyone on the planet. Best TV series ever, naturally only lasted a year. At least Rex Morgan lasted longer than that, but there is no forgiveness today, I'm about to bombard the editor with my complaints. They rarely publish my letters, but they need to hear me on this Rex Morgan thing, this is serious.


  1. And there is nothing quite so sexy as a naked woman emerging from the ashes of a funeral pyre, draped in baby dragons. :P

  2. that was jaw dropping. we love her! it was so great watching her go from victim to victor and now she's going to chart her own course. we hope she collides with the miserable Geoffrey, oh we hate him so.

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  4. ha-ha KO, i still saw your comment. i think audible.com will be excellent, i have learned that you need wifi to download, 3g not enough power, so i simply had to come home to download. I've also been told that there are audio books available for download from some libraries. much to learn about. i've never even listened to one before, but i think they'll be most excellent for relaxing and passing the time. but with the length of Game of Thrones and dare i say the rest of the series, I could be listening for the rest of my life.