Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Day, but what day is it?

Today was a much better day. I slept until almost 11 and mostly lounged around between the TV, laptop, iPad words with friends and under the blanket on the couch. My, my, what would we do without our electronics? I am slowly working on consignment checks and warning everyone to check my math.

Tomorrow I have acupuncture with the lovely Dr. Xu. On Friday, If I'm feeling adventurous I'll walk up to the bank and then the bakery for bread -- woo hoo, such excitement, then I'm back in my cave laying low until Saturday morning when I'm aiming to go to work, hang out in the shop with my awesome studio-mates who have been holding down the fort, determined to finally get out my big wholesale order that I'd wanted to finish before chemo.

I hate the bad taste in my mouth and that tea tastes like dirt-water, but besides that, I think all is well. I wish it was watermelon season. I can't think of anything I want to eat... too many clementines gets acidic, I think watermelon would be good. Cold, juicy watermelon and maybe cucumbers. I miss corner produce markets.

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