Monday, January 30, 2012

Vulcan Ambassador

To the tune of She's Comin' Round the Mountain:

I love my hairless armpits yes I do, Oh I love my hairless armpits yes I do. Oh I love my hairless armpits, yes I love my hairless armpits, oh I love my hairless armpits yes I do!

And I like my new shaved head although it's stubblier than I thought it would be, I thought it would be nice and smooth. I think I look like a very handsome vulcan ambassador. Dang, too bad it's not Halloween, I could be a Vulcan, a Romulan or Uncle Fester, another wasted opportunity.

I just don't get why most, but not all of the hair falls out. The hair that's left, is that the dominant hair? The badass hair? The antibiotic-resistant bacteria of hair? Why are minority hair follicles resistant to chemotherapy, it's perplexing. I don't like mysteries like this, I like things to make sense.

Jonah was a good sport at the salon, but brought my hat over and told me to put it back on quick. We had a fun expedition though, and he looks quite dapper and made funny faces in the mirror throughout his cut. I was going to drive the 2 1/2 blocks {pathetic} over there, but he convinced me we should walk and it was fun, I'm glad he made me. It did take a while to catch my breathe, sadly.

Small boy was with the "interventionist" today at school, dealing with his fear of math and apparently they talked about cancer. To my knowledge this is the first time someone's had a personal chat like this with him and I appreciate it. She told him that when my hair grows in, it could be curly or straight, no one knows... another kooky mystery. She also told him the middle of an oreo is made out of beef fat which I don't believe is true any longer, it's good old fashioned hydrogenated vegetable oil, but he said "I don't care, I'm not a vegetarian." So now we're calling Oreo's meat cookies which will save me from ever binging on a box of them again, but he is not dissuaded in the least. On the way home we got into our "when you're happy, I'm happy, and when I'm happy, you're happy" talk and he says we should be happy all the time. So maybe cancer talk isn't so happy.

J's very odd homework today was to make a bumper sticker for one of the Republican candidates {?!}. I tried to convince him to be a conscientious objector, but we settled on "Vote for Romney, He's Your Least Awful Choice". I've assured him his teacher would laugh and find this funny... I sure hope so, or I'm in big trouble.


  1. shallow friend wants to know: are the dominant hairs of a more whiskery texture? i need to know this for my hair battle. if even chemotherapy can't get rid of the dominant hairs, what good will a dermatologist's laser treatment be?

    1. no.

      while there are some blank patches, it seems my stubble is pretty evenly distributed, as if out of every 100 hairs, 99 fell out... go figure. One had to stay just to be annoying. it also seems as if some of the darker hair was more tenacious. before i shaved it the hair was nice and soft, now it's prickly, J is slightly annoyed with me, but being a good sport... i mean... who knew?

  2. Oh happy that B had a different homework assignment! "Vote for Romney, He's Your Least Awful Choice" {fans self...} has a certain ring to it!