Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of the Union

Oh, I just love me some state of the union, can’t help it, It’s my weakness. I wanted to write this post right away, but I was too bleary eyed and deeply regretting the burger I ate. I was having crazy hot flashes, thought I had a fever, but it was just the fireballs having no place to go. And just so you know, my son say’s that when he’s in Congress I get to be his advisor, “obviously, you’ve taught me everything I know about politics.” Direct quote people! I’m living on that until the day I die.

So nice to see Gabby Giffords, sweetest hug with Obama, but every time they cut to her she looked so sad. I wonder if she always had the little girl gestures or if they’re a result of her brain injury. She is such an example of determination and courage, I am looking to her for inspiration. How hard must she be working to recover from that devastating an injury.

I know many will disagree but I loved seeing Hilary back in her trademark hairband that everyone used to criticize her for, I’m glad she’s in her fuck it stage and getting great approval ratings in the process. Women do not have to be over-coiffed!

I loved seeing colors in the audience, instead of the requisite red or blue ensembles for women and red and blue ties for men. I saw green and purple and yellow, much more visually appealing. Except for Geitner in his royal purple tie and the guy next to him in Gold, clueless.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, adorable in the white collar, I love her. The very wonderful John Paul Stevens was on Colbert recently, he was a hoot. What’s with Jonh Kerry’s two back eyes, did someone beat him up for being boring? And Joe Biden, you’ve been in the game long enough to know what’s photogenic, and close together diagnonal blue and white stripes ain’t it.

On the other hand, Eric Cantor has the steely gaze of evil pure vengeful evil, and Boner, I mean Boener is Darth Vader in suit with a spray tan. Scary, scary men. I’d say scary white men, but Boner’s more orange than white.

Now I’ve had my disappointments with Obama. I wished he’d pushed for gay marriage, I know deep down inside he believes in it and some of his rhetoric has been awful on the subject, he should have fought like hell for the Dream Act, and Gitmo is still open -- $800,000 per day per prisoner... how many new schools is that? Mostly, I don’t understand Geitner and Summers in the Cabinet, they are both the wizards and minions of Wall Street. Obama should have just, fought harder and found a way to outwit those republican trolls. But who am I to say that? I mean what an incomprehensible difficult and impossible job. Can you think of anyone who would/could do better?

Obama got rid of don’t ask, don’t tell and proved once and for all the sheer fodder of the arugments against, and that will help gay rights in all walks of life. He got us out of Iraq {freaking finally} and now needs to see the light on the historically losing proposition of Afganistan. And no president has faced a fanatic, relentless, unreasonably partisan, bought and paid for, downright mean evil and often insane congress like this one. He has appointed excellent supreme court judges and the next term will be pivotal with new retirments.

The only thing missing from the speech was talking about school infrastructure which is disastrous in this country. I used to feel the spirit drain out of my body every time I entered my son’s dreary, dilapitated, cold, leaky middle school.

All in all, I still love Obama. I love that he and Michelle are real people. I love how that man delivers a speech and come on, we are talking natural charisma you don’t see all that often and I still think it’s backed up by a desire to do the right thing. I loved that speech, it was beautifully crafted and beautifully delivered. I hope his second term unleashes him. I still have faith.

I am so suprised that none of the commentators {admittedly, I only saw a few before going to bed}, called out Mitch Daniels for that sucker punch to Newt. Not that I mind Newt getting kicked in the groin, but it seemed unseemly to do it during a rebuttal to the state of the union. Daniels started out by praising the Obama’s family values, so important to the inhabitants to the white house, in other words, the anti-Gingriches. Otherwise, a bunch of phoney baloney, if they think tax breaks for the wealthy are unfair, why are they fighting tooth and nail to not at least raise their rates to pre-bush levels. Smarmy nonsense.

Did I ever mention that pre-cancer, I didn’t watch much T.V. Mostly just my special shows with Griffin. Maybe my next career will be T.V. reviewer although really, I'm looking forward to getting away from the big beast and having a real life again.


  1. The Onion had a funny NewsWire headline during the State of the Union speech. It said: "Obama Begins State Of The Union By Asking Congress To Imagine Newt Gingrich Standing Before Them" You'd think that at least the republicans in congress would like that, until you realize they hate him, too.

  2. it's pretty telling how much his own people hate him.

  3. health care. i have hope. things HAVE to change!