Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fireballs and Laser Beams

I’ve been lying on the couch for hours and finally had to pry myself up because while my body doesn’t want to move my head won’t stop spinning with buzz, chatter, buzz. I could only try to drown it out with podcasts {thank you beautiful iPad} for so long before relocating and writing seemed the best solution.

I’m extra wobbly and unsteady this time, droopy eyelids, but no crushing headache, yay! Because of the beautiful weather, after my cancer-fairy-godmother-J dropped me at home, I pulled my hoodie down over my face and sat on the porch for over an hour, it was heavenly just breathing in fresh air and being in my favorite spot.

I had {still do have} heat waves surging through me, down my arms and into my palms. I feel like I should be able to fling fireballs out my palms, which would be fun. I could fling them into the dwindling {yay} snowbanks and see them sizzle and melt. But then I’d get carried away and start flinging them into the trees and other tantalizing objects across the street and that would turn ugly fast so it’s for the best that I’ve not actually developed this super power. Later on while laying on the couch, it felt more like I should be able to shoot laserbeams out my fingertips, this could be fun, but I don’t have the energy to harness that superpower correctly either, oh well, all for the best, I suppose.

Then the steroids kicked in and my brain starting screaming beef, beef, beef, so I had a burger delivered knowing it would be the last tasty thing I ate for two weeks, so I threw caution to the wind and chowed down, I even had a half a can of diet coke, first in months, some chemicals with my chemicals and then I passed out on the couch, four hours past and now I’m here typing and tomorrow, back to healthy food.

I’m going to watch and tivo the State of the Union speech at 9:00 and later in the week torture my sons into watching it with me, with constant pauses for my point making and editorializing, and that is happening trust me. There's a lot of propaganda in this world and they might as well get mine first. And on the subject of our President, our duly elected by a majority, thoroughly vetted president who no doubt is very busy with many important things {you think?} to do, here it is from the What The Fuck File {and the Huffington Post}:

The White House appears prepared to ignore a recent ruling by Georgia Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi that would require President Obama to attend a birther hearing in Fulton County, Ga., on Thursday. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney outlined Barack Obama's weekly agenda on Monday, noting that the president is scheduled to hit Las Vegas, Denver and Detroit on Thursday in a whirlwind tour to talk middle class job creation. That's not likely to sit well with Malihi, who last week rejected an effort by Obama's legal team to quash a subpoena that would require president appear in court that day. The complaint, like many others of its kind, claims Obama isn't a natural-born citizen and therefore can't be president.

Full story at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/23/obama-birther-case-georgia_n_1225304.html

Orly Taitz, that is one certifiably insane, ugly american who knows how to work the system way too well. He should sue her for harassment at this point, except he's got that president-job-thing to do. We should all sue her for abusing the system.

Oh yeah, and while I'm on a catty roll which ha-ha, I can blame on being on drugs, Calista Gringrich looks like a scary wax barbie doll, her hair looks like playmobile or lego hair, never shall it move, tangle or blow in the wind. Calista next to Michelle is a jarring image, oh my, that's a debate I'd like to see, that might cure my cancer.

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  1. Callista vs. Michelle! Brilliant.