Friday, January 6, 2012

Cucumbers and Clemintines

kdjfk dkjfkjs iekjeijf kdjfk kljdfkjd nvnmn m,dnvnvdfkjf
ijfnv, dkjejff dhqulld' kdjfkjf nvnvmnj uwyuyr8h iejfkdjfl
fnkf ireiu a,mvnvl sl.

That is my dopey, mopey, sleepy brain. Still have not left the house and grateful for the few short visits keeping me connected. Visits are good even with droopy lids and wobbly, dizzy, bobble head tilting back and forth. Tomorrow I set the alarm clock, need to go into work if only just to get there and back. Breathe fresh air, see change of scenery before next nap. Charmed by the cucumber and clementines that just showed up today. Yes, it is the small and simple things.

Got up from my after-dinner nap to write this post and now I'm going to clean up kitchen and go to bed for the nappus grandus.

It is peaceful sleep. Not fitful or tortured, no bad dreams... I lay down and I'm tired and comfy and drift right off to who knows where and then it's 12 hours later and half a day's gone by.

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