Monday, June 25, 2012


New day, new week, yay. I made it to URI for the football competition, it was a beautiful day, warm and breezy, I met an interesting woman, a cancer survivor who approached me and was wonderful to sit next to and chat with. I found the place with no problem, there wasn't too much walking and the team did great, so everyone left happy.

I utilized the "find food" abilities of my GPS for the first time ever and stopped for a lobster roll which I knew would be nearby, between URI and camp but never would have found by myself. The camp drop-off went well, I was so happy to learn that the C.I.T.'s weren't allowed their cell phones the first two weeks because I consider camp to be rehab. I envision a cabin full of teenagers with twitchy thumbs from texting withdrawal.

I had some really good evening porch time which is restorative and while I only sleep in one hour increments, I stayed in bed for 12 hours which I really needed. Tomorrow is double chemo day, and the rest of the week I have a smattering of work related tasks that need to get done to keep the embers of my businesses at least warm. Glad to say, I feel much calmer and more settled.

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