Friday, June 22, 2012

Household Shaving Incidents

Oh heavenly wind and rain, finally you arrive, just in the nick of time. My favorite home luxury succumbed to the heat today, the in-fridge ice maker, I'm barely surviving. Just went on an emergency ice cream run to Cumby's and even their freezers are not handling things well and the hospital fridge was out of water. The only one handling things well seems to be my neighbor who mowed his giant lawn today and then trotted down the street with his mower to mow his rental property, some of us are made of far sturdier stuff.

I don't think I've eaten any real food today, just ice cream, water and a popsicle, and have to work on not fretting that a single bad food day will make my cancer explode. The popsicle was the result of a random act of kindness from a camp counselor at pick up time, who just walked over to me silently, and handed it to me while I was sitting under a tree waiting for dismissal. She knew darned well those popsicles were only for the kids and honestly... I don't think the director was pleased, but who would begrudge me the last popsicle... um, maybe the parent who approached me and said, "how did you get a popsicle?" I choose to dwell on the nice lady handling the popsicle box.

It is only a matter of time before I'm carted off from a freak head shaving accident, I am not getting the hang of this. It was suggested to me to use gel shaving cream, so I purchased yet another shaving product. The stuff squirts out as gel and then foams up into shaving cream, it's expandable {which is a little freaky}, so the canister is smaller and I'm sure all in all, still costs more. Today my goal was to get a good shave behind my ears because I learned I'd been missing that spot and it's rather treacherous to get at without cutting your ear off, but I've become obsessed so I was going for it. I squirted a bunch of gel into my hand and aimed for behind my ear but I got it right smack in my ear. How the hell the you get rapidly expanding shaving gel out of your ear? I was having a panic attack envisioning what's left of my brain becoming engulfed in consumer shaving product. Everything I did just felt like I was shoving more shaving cream into my head. Lot's of poking and rinsing later, so far so good, there haven't been any adverse effects, but it's really only a matter of time.


  1. Have you considered an electric shaver type of thing, and would you like to borrow one? I'm sure we have more than one clipper in the house, and if you take the guard off, I think you can get a close shave. What do you think?

  2. I scoff at your naiveté, I tried electric early on : }