Thursday, June 28, 2012

John Roberts & Robert Reich

I never thought I'd be saying this, but thank you John Roberts! I hadn't heard a single voice in the media suggesting the Affordable Care Act would be anything but partially to completely overturned. Until the other day when reading an article by Robert Reich who predicted what would happen and turned out to be 100% on the money. I was already a big fan of Robert Reich's, but now I'm worshipping at his altar, that dude is smart, smart, smart and I always like his articles, but this is a whole new level of credibility for him and he was already pretty darned credible. Pedestal for Robert Reich please, and I'm not making a short joke. I'm much looking forward to Jon Stewart harassing Fox and CNN for getting the announcements dead wrong, what a bunch of dopes.

When Romney goes on about repealing the Act as his first task in office, I have to wonder why {or if} this really plays to republicans. I'm sure it does to the millionaire's club, but the majority of republicans must represent the majority of americans... people who are struggling and need healthcare, have been touched by serious illness in some way, or been denied coverage, or been in a costly accident or need birth control, or maternity coverage or are self-employed and priced out of the market. I just can't imagine the callousness that causes playing politics with such a human issue.

I heard so many specious arguments on the radio today, made by the other side. Lamenting how unfair it is for "young" people to be forced to buy insurance they don't need. Apparently young people are as invincible as they think they are... they don't get in car accidents, skiing accidents, need birth control, treatment for illness and STDs, none of that, young people are all perfectly healthy and shall remain so.

I hope they stop arguing about it and we can move on to other facets of reform as they are myriad and so desperately needed, says the one receiving $72,000 in medical care each month. I often wonder where I'd be if I didn't have health insurance. Would I be losing my house, declaring bankruptcy, receiving substandard care?

Beyond pondering healthcare and admiring Robert Reich, I've been consumed with harassing the parents at J's camp who park in the handicapped spaces at pick up time even though there are plenty of spaces. Always the biggest, shiniest SUVs, it's sad how predictable some markers are. I completely shamed some woman yesterday who was laughing and thought it was funny, at first. J said "you know some kids would be embarrassed if their mom did that, but I think it's really good because you are totally right and she is totally wrong and people should speak up." Yesterday we were watching a cartoon and we kept making the same comments at the same time because we both talk while we're watching t.v. and he said "boy we think alike." Oh that boy, that boy, he slays me.

I am loving not going in for shots every day, I get to take the week off from cancer, yahoo.

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