Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Counting Cells

Arghhhh! Even with daily Neupogen shots my white blood cells are almost non-existent, so skipped chemo again. You have to have at least 800 per whatever for chemo which is still pretty low and I have 200. I still had to sit in the chair for two hours while they counted my cells in the lab. Oh where, oh where have my white cells gone? Are they with my glasses? My keys? My sanity?

Anticlimactic and worrisome.


  1. LOTS OF FERMENTED FOODS AND LOTS OF VIRGIN COCONUT OIL...Also add organic apple cider vinegar mixed with raw honey....you need more stomach acid to EAT the cancer cells up... Lots of coconut oil will do that and the fermented foods... Research the coconut oil and cancer...you need lots of it though....lots! We can do this and those things give you your appetite back.....need lots of organic protein.... You can contact me at skeeweeaka@msn.com!

  2. We can do this!!!