Saturday, December 3, 2011

Utilitarian Post

I continue to be moved to tears and just blown away by many wonderful people who have offered to help during this cancer tornado. As much as I'm more of a helper than a helpee and asking for help sucks, I realize that my family and I really will need some help over the months ahead.

That being the case, some swell friends have set up a website for me using the service "Lots of Helping Hands" which is used to coordinate help so I don't have 106 gallons of soup at one time. {we haven't loaded it up with info yet, but we will}. I'm wondering if it lets you tell people when you want a game night with friends...

I'm going to start off asking for help feeding everyone because already, I've been having a tough time doing that because cancer is apparently very time consuming. This site will be crazy specific and list what we like to eat and when we need it, it will tell you where we like pizza delivered from and that we all hate walnuts and are firm believers in nut-free brownies and cookies. They'll be a calendar, and if anyone wants to fill a need they sign up and then that "need" is listed as "met", so we get one pizza and not 10 pizzas. As for groceries, it occurred to me yesterday in the shower {where all great ideas come from} that I can start using Peapod, because with limited time and impending limited energy, i need to devote as much as I can to keeping my business afloat because self-employment and cancer are not the best mix. I'm pretty set with transportation with the luxury of a hospital walking distance away.

I'm starting 3-6 months of chemo on 12/13 and really don't know what to expect, so as i get further into it and I'm told, will be further tired, I might need things like someone coming over for an hour to help Jonah with homework. I'm trying to involve the kids in this, as I've been advised by the cancer-specialists to do, so when they're having a rough time, they might ask me to put chocolate cake on the list. I'm hoping this experience will help them be, when they grow up the kind of people that step up to help others {I hope I've been that type of person}, of course that's always been my goal, but this will make them truly realize the importance and sacredness of community and so from bad things, hopefully, will come good things. The church of community.

If you're interested in being a part of this and I certainly understand how busy everyone's lives are, you can go to:

these directions come from the site:

Instruct the people you've invited to fill out the right-hand side of the form which is a Request to Join the Community. Once they've done this, you will begin to receive emails back stating that there are "pending members". Coordinators can "approve" the pending members from the pending members page on theirAdministration tab. Once you have approved them, members will be automatically added to the community and sent instructions for setting a password and signing-in.

After Chemo is surgery and then 6 weeks of radiation, so I'm looking at a long period of treatment. 

Thanks so much for considering signing up!

Much love, k t c


  1. Done. Signed up. Ready to do it. Whatever "it" is.

  2. done! who ever thought of this online community thing is a genius!!! <3

  3. How can those of us that don't live close by help out??? I would love to make you a meal and clean your bathrooms but it is a long drive for me. Besides trying to get down to see you on the occasional week-end day how can I help from afar?

  4. that's what we're gonna figure out beth... we're literally going to list where people can order a pizza from and have it delivered on certain nights. dumb simple stuff that REALLY helps out! and it's good i have people forcing me to do this : }