Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Typing Pool

A short post tonight, because I'm eyeball deep in typing up the epic story Jonah's been writing in his "writer's journal" for school. It was supposed to be manageable -- pick one story from your journal to develop, but J's whole journal is one epic story, so he found himself in a bit of a bind. His sweet teacher and I are taking pity on a boy who got carried away with his adventure of Frank Furter {no, not Frank N. Furter of Rocky Horror fame -- no fishnets in this story}, the hotdog that falls through a sewer grate into a puddle of toxic sludge and comes alive. I'm on Chapter 5 and thus far Frank, who has a penchant for chocolate, has befriended a sewer gator with a devious ulterior motive and it looks like Frank is about to become breakfast. But maybe not, as there are about 43 more chapters I have to type so J doesn't drown in panic and overwhelm.

As for me, the lights are on the tree and the ornaments are up from the basement. Wholesale orders have been shipped and now I'm working to stock up a couple of galleries {you first MG, don't worry!}. I have some gifts to wrap, trying to get an early start, wrapping up gifts and loose ends before the shit hits the fan.

Thursday is my port insertion procedure, I'm just plain not looking forward to that. Hope I can be out and about on Friday as there's much Craftopia prep to do and that is something I am looking forward to, despite how much work and chaos it is. Looking forward to a happy day of art, craft, friends, and celebration. No cancer talk allowed and only gentle hugs because while I know it's perfectly safe, that port-thing freaks me out, like it's going to slip around and stab me in the heart. Eyeballs, veins and earthworms... these are my heebie jeebie inducers, the things that irrationally skeeve me. I don't like to look at them, or think about them... no digging without gloves or wearing contact lenses, I could really do with out a permanent tube inserted into a vein in my chest, blech, no likey.

addendum: oh my god, i've just flipped ahead... this story will take me a week to type... there are land squid, a mini-moose named bob, a walrus, yikes... I hope I don't fall down the sewer any time soon.

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