Friday, December 23, 2011

Crazy Glue

I'm 36 hours off my anti-nausea meds, queasy but manageable and my head isn't falling off and rolling away as many times a day. I spent all my energy today baking cookies because it would have made me so sad to not have a holiday spilling over in chocolate chip oatmeal cookies like we always do. Xmas morning is presents and cookies for breakfast here.

But at 7p.m., I've been ready for bed for hours, just plain tired. Feeling disconnected from whatever's going on outside these four walls, that world I used to roam around in. Cabin Fever. Living in my little bubble of sleeping and doctor's appointments at the mercy of friends bringing us food. I've rarely felt this passive and dependent.

I broke another tooth, just a small chip this time, there must be some correlation. Maybe Santa will bring me a do-it-yourself dental kit. I'm ready to just paint my teeth with crazy glue. Poor J has walking pneumonia and is being a good sport despite coughing his head off for days, and very yucky tasting medicine and big, beautiful Griffin just got home from basketball in a very good mood and texting wildly. It's strange when your kids become autonomous and have lives you know little about. Girls seem to share with their moms more than boys do, I wish I knew more about his life, but I know he deserves his privacy and anything that needs to be revealed will be.

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