Wednesday, December 21, 2011


My dentist is a wizard. Who knew chewing could be so fabulous? I like Dr. Xu, the nice acupuncture lady who gives great advice like, even if you go home and feel great... don't go crazy and clean your house... relax, maybe watch the news or put on some music and dance just a little... little tiny bit. I like when people tell me not to clean my house.

I've signed up for acupuncture every week, I really think it will help. My western medicine needs a little eastern medicine to take the edge off because we in the west have a bit of the barbarian in us.

I'm feeling slightly more human today and am really looking forward to xmas vacation. Jonah wants to build a giant Rube Goldberg device so we're talking about getting the marble run and the wooden train tracks out of storage. My two favorite toys that I'm glad I couldn't part with. Maybe he'll let us resurrect some playmobile too. At present he is in Boston making his case for the tea tax, he was so excited about the trip and I'm liking Griffin's basketball season {even if I never get to a game} because he has to dress up on game days. Trousers and a shirt and dapper tie with his new size 12 wingtips, that boy looks sharp. Is it bad to enjoy your son as eye candy? It's perfectly innocent I swear, It's just so crazy to see my baby all grown up and so darned handsome. I'm working on him to get a little more daring with his tie selections... we'll see, I never got very far with his dad.

I'm aiming to be at the farmer's market tonight and having a houseful of friends over on Xmas eve, so if I forgot to invite you please come. My sister only knows how to cook for 200, so there will be amazing food and after dinner BINGO!

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