Saturday, December 17, 2011

Small Goals

My goal for yesterday was to get out to CVS, just to get some fresh air and stocking stuffers and sugar-free suckers for my dry mouth. I took a shower, a long shower, I wanted to lay down in the shower... that doesn’t usually happen. I got dressed and was pondering the putting on of shoes and my stomach staged an all out, unexpected {well, maybe a little expected, revolt}. Didn’t make it out.

Today I tried again and made it to the studio for 3 whole hours including, admittedly, a bit of horizontal couch time {but at least it was a different couch}. First truly busy day in the shop this season and quite grateful to my studio mate for covering. Was it only a month and a half ago that we all moved in together? Well, I guess you get to know people super fast when one of them gets cancer. I suppose I could call that an upside, but I’ll pass, I’m sure we would have become fast friends regardless, and without the urgency and necessity.

Got home in one piece and passed out on the couch. This fatigue is a crazy thing and I even skipped my secondary nausea meds today, the ones that tell me not to drive or operate heavy machinery. The boys just went to their father’s for the night, so I’ll get lots of sleep {poor Jonah, up coughing all night and then saying "thanks for taking care of me mom"} and hopefully, some presents wrapped. I’ve been trying to wrap all week and haven’t touched a thing but have managed to get everything in one place, so tomorrow is solely dedicated to that. Small goals.

I just finished the week’s worth of delicious and healthy lentil soup VL made for me and after a week of commenting on how good it smelled, Jonah finally tried some, and then some more and then some more, so there is a small victory, that I'll take. He was also quite enchanted, as well, that our friend RC sent us a Fellini’s pizza the other night all the way from D.C., that struck him as very cool. I agree, that is very cool.

Griffin had a rough week with school followed by 3 hours of driver’s ed {!}, and then basketball practice every day. My guys are ready for a break, but have school throughout the week. Today he complied without grumble, when I asked him to bring me my blanket from upstairs, but just kind of flung it in a big heap on the floor next to me... got some work to do with that one.

And for the record, I remain madly in love with my iPad. I got all my calendar stuff in there. I'm losing many games of Scrabble {Words with Friends to be technical} all at once, and I take it to bed with me and listen to This American Life episodes. Ira is my sleep buddy... so relaxing, so familiar.

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