Thursday, December 22, 2011

Loyalist Adorabalist

A friend stopped by last evening for a visit and my eyeballs were rolling back in my head from fatigue. Went to bed at 9:30 and slept until 10 today. Hoping that blood tests next week reveal cause of such extensive fatigue.

I've refrained from kid pix on this blog... and bitching about ex and mom and other button issues that get me on crazy rants and have no place here, but I'm breaking my own rule and posting this very brief video because I just can't resist. It's causing me such joy and repeated chuckling to self. It's my young Loyalist making his case at the Old Meeting House in Boston.

Homework is such a misery but when I suggested he review his lines for this {because a parent tipped me off that they had to memorize lines} he said -- oh please, i've known my lines for ages... and sure enough.

I wish the benevolent parent that sent this had gotten the whole clip... him walking up there and all, but I just love this! Why, oh why does he pitch a fit whenever I suggest a theater program? Ever since he was, and I mean really was a grey squirrel in kindergarten, he's excelled in this area -- my little squirrel blew those other woodland creatures off the stage. There's no calculus or AP chem in his future, but he'd be a fine bohemian actor.