Friday, December 30, 2011

Tin Tin

I had two main personal goals for xmas vacation -- have a really festive christmas eve and take jonah to see Tin Tin. Goals are getting small and manageable.

We had a houseful on xmas eve, and everyone pitched in to help. Friends, laughter, conversation, great food and bananagrams. Even Griffin had to admit that “we have the best christmas eve parties.” From a 16-year old this is high praise indeed. Now if we could only have the cleanest bedrooms, or the best put away laundry, I’d be set! So goal one, check.

And today I am taking Jonah to see Tin Tin. This isn’t just any movie to us, J prefers to make movies rather than see them, but Tin Tin is what inspired him to learn to read. He’s read every Tin Tin book countless times with countless giggles and being the googleaholic he is, he knows every Tin Tin factoid and has been tracking the progress of the movie for a couple of years now. So at 1p.m., white blood cells be damned, I’m rounding up our friends J & P and Jonah’s best friend G and we’re off to see Tin Tin. Ironically, what’s left of my hair is sticking straight up today so that’s my homage to Mr. Tin Tin.

I wish Griffin would come, he loved Tin Tin when he was younger, but he's opting out. We had a nice time though, watching movies together the last two nights. Cowboys and Aliens and Rise of the Planet of the Apes {which was a little too heartbreaking for me}.

The second floor of my house, the bedroom floor, is freezing and the fuse box can only support one space heater. So I've been warming up my room and Jonah's been sleeping with me, Little House on the Prairie style. Griffin is impervious to mess and weather, so he's fine in his room. Our new little ritual is to get in bed and J rests his head on my shoulder and we take all my scrabble turns on the iPad. He thinks I'm a really good sport for losing so many games and still plugging away. He likes to watch and make suggestions and I like his sleepy head on my shoulder. Thank you scrabble partners.

Weekend goals: work on Saturday and get to grocery store before school starts up, ship at least one of two wholesale orders before I'm back in the chemo chair on Tuesday and I get to start this happy dance all over again.


  1. Kim! I hated Tintin (the movie) so much that I fell asleep. All of the boys I was with thought it was fantastic. They love the Tintin books, and didn't mind the movie being all misty and detailed. I wanted it to look like the books. What did Jonah think? I did enjoy the opening credits. I hope you write back with a movie review!

  2. oh hmmmm i should get back to our game. I sort of miss the notifications of "its your turn now, you idiot" that words for friends used to send me...but no more excuses. I guess I'll have to rise up and check regularly now.