Sunday, December 18, 2011

Two Hours

Rock bottom is watching two full hours of the Kardashians, what the hell? I was pretty unfamiliar with this crew until now, and I'm mighty baffled. Kim is the worst of the lot, the most vapid, over-coiffed, monotoned dopette -- this gal is a flickering bulb, oh my goodness. Hubby Kris, what a big ape, pure dolt with flashes of white-fanged anger. Rich and dumb, scary combo. The most likable character, was Kourtney’s douchebag boyfriend, at least he has a personality and moments of spine and sincerity. I don’t get the flashy watch, slicked hair, talk about your dick all day nonsense, but at least he had some verve.

This bunch is the decline of western civilization on a stick, I’m getting the hell out of the house tomorrow. And since I have to stay on theme for continuity’s sake, here it is -- the Kardashians being famous is more disturbing than having cancer right at this moment before I head up to bead. Seriously, no more TV, maybe ever! Good news is I’m down to one anti-nausea med and feeling a slightly firmer grip, Kardasian's aside.

1 comment:

  1. netflix!!! you must get netflix!
    watch the wonder years or dick van dyke,
    f*ck stupid vapid reality tv