Monday, December 19, 2011

Tooth Fairy Go Away!

Broken molar? give me a fucking break! I was eating bread... nice soft durum round from 7 Stars which I actually went out and got this morning all by myself {what a big girl}. Lasted 30 minutes in the studio because I was too tired and my stomach hurt. So I came home and ate a nice, soft, piece of bread, come on universe, puhleeze.

The oncologist nurse said I can only have the dentist look at it, but I need bloodwork done for him to touch it because my counts might be too low... well what good is looking at it going to do? And so what if my counts are low? I need my tooth fixed, it hurts, it's sharp, come on, how high does the misery index go?



  1. My husband totally broke his wisdom tooth on their bread as well. Sounds like an epidemic.

  2. my dentist is a genius... i'm so happy to be able to chew... of course all food is currently repulsive, but still, a girl wants the option!