Thursday, December 8, 2011


Well, I’m portified. The procedure went smoothly, but I’m more sore than I expected and I feel like frankenstein with a slit stitched up at the base of my neck. They told me not to shower for a week, LOL -- not shower for a week, that’s funny, this girl doesn’t go a day without a shower and certainly not since they got blood in my hair... glad I was dozing off during that part... actually no one was quite sure why I was laying in a pillow soaked with blood. The doctor whispered to me, that he’s the same way and would also be sneaky and take a shower and to just cover the bandages with press and seal saran wrap and then change them. Should be a fun-filled shower in the morning.

Yesterday, before his complete I-can't-do-my-homework-it's-too-hard-and-everything-is-horrible meltdown. Jonah told me that even though I'll be sick, it's really an adventure like any other, because we'll meet new people and do different thing. I could hug this boy to death. He also recently saw a billboard that said "after cancer, every day is a great day", and he was so excited for me, that every day of my life is going to be great, no bad days ever. "Isn't that great mom?" Which is swell, and his smile was so sweet and genuine, but that's a lot to live up to.

My primary nurse was dressed all in purple and lavender, so we looked very nice together. Her name was Lorena, another sexy movie star name and sweet Lorena is collecting toys for the kids at Chad Brown {our local low-income projects} for the holidays which is perfect, because I have a bunch of mint-in-the-box toys in the basement, never missed by the boys after the yearly Christmas deluge at shopaholic-nana’s. I’ve been meaning to donate them somewhere and now they can head over to Chad Brown in the capable hands of Nurse Lorena, and since I’m so close to the hospital she can pick them up, or maybe I’ll just walk up there with them tomorrow if it’s nice out, after I do some treasure hunting in the basement.

At every visit to the hospital, they are fastidious about you being who you’re supposed to be. Everyone, and I mean everyone looks at your bracelet and requests you state your name and birthday. Which, ultimately, is a good thing, no skewering the wrong person, we get to leave with all of our limbs, but this attention to detail was disturbingly lacking in my chart which indicated cancer on the left side which is wrong... it’s on the right, and therefore, port goes on the left.  They also had me scheduled to be moved to another building afterwards for a mystery treatment which I kept insisting must be a mistake because no one had told me anything about that, and it was a mistake, but had I not protested, I might have gone through being transported to who knows where for who knows what, and I'm pretty sure that would have made me very unhappy.

So now I know to be vigilantly informed about what each appointment is for, so mistakes don’t occur. And I’m glad I didn’t try to walk home, I was comletely weak-kneed and confused afterwards, so many thanks to VL for her swift curbside pickup and home delivery. I fell right into bed, slept for 3 hours, woke up, threw up and went back to bed for another 3 hours and now I feel fine. Just a little woozy and sore. Looking forward to a good night's sleep and easing into the day slowly tomorrow, a mini-vacation.

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  1. Let me know if you need more cling wrap; I am totally with you on the showers. Can I say that I chose to give up cleaning people in favor of coffee habit, but it was a close call and I therefore requested that they come for xmas as my gift from mom. So glad you have that help now! VERY sorry to miss Craftopia for Kubas family holiday celebration (sigh) in CT...xoxoxoTanja