Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Two Jars Full

I knew my hair was going to fall out, but I didn't realize it would happen in one day. I didn't lose a strand of hair {on my head} until today and throughout the day, I've lost the better part of it. I have two jars full of hair, much hair in the trash and down the drain, and then I took a walk down my block leaving a ceremonial trail of pink hair. So if you live on Dex and you spot a clump of my hair, I decree that you get to make a wish {and I hope it comes true}.

Now I have a lot of hair, so despite how much came out, I look just fine, but I have a haircut appointment tonight and I'll be getting it cut really short because this is a mess, there is hair everywhere. I'm shedding on my cats instead of them on me, although that seems someone poetic, or divinely retributive. Still, I'm not ready to shave the whole thing because I don't want stubble and because I just don't want to.

I went to the studio today for the first time in ages and just as I got to my door a man looking lost and confused asked me "do you know where I find someone in this building who makes jewelry, named Kim?" Turns out he knows someone who likes my jewelry who needed a gift. Funny timing, and then he told me he liked my hair.

Had blood-work done this afternoon and they immediately called me. My white blood count is crazy low... almost non-existent so I really have to watch out for germs and infection. I hope it goes up soon and after next chemo they can give me extra meds that will help keep them from getting so low.

So here's to white blood cells everywhere, may they go forth and multiply. And may my tumor be in the same shape as my hair follicles.

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