Tuesday, May 29, 2012

True Beautiful Blood

I’m having my long-awaited blood transfusion tomorrow and I have to admit that if I succumb to another season of True Blood, I’ll be watching it from an entirely different perspective. Usually squeamish, I’ve become a big fan of other people’s blood, now some vampire blood, that would really do the trick and I’d definitely have some of Eric's. I’d have anything of Eric’s.

I did much better with chemo today without the Benadryl and with half the steroids. Although I confess, it induced a frantic junk food binge. Tomorrow it’s definitely fruits and vegetables. None the less, I was able to walk home, take J to piano and then pick up Griffin and friends from after school sports and it's 9p.m. and I feel fine.

My new oncologists name is Dr. Sikov with a long I and I’m always worried I’m going to accidentally call him Dr. Psycho. Luckily he doesn’t seem at all psycho and I like him far, far, much better than Doctor Previous. I also really like the nurses that work on his team, I liked the last nurses too, but these two seem less frantic and more on top of things. They’ve been really accommodating with the daily shots. I have to make an appointment with the schedulers and times are limited and inconvenient, but they let me come in when I need to and they’ve been great about getting me in and out quickly, unfortunately it’s the check-in procedure at the front desk that can take a long time. I start to vibrate when I get off the elevator and the line is stretched and winding towards me.

Ah, but that beautiful blood will calm me down and put me right.

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