Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pie and French Fries

The infection slowly brewing on my incision is perfectly heart shaped. The powers that be have a twisted sense of humor, do they mean that adversity loves me? Well, that would be one big, fat case of unrequited love. Anxious to hear what the oncologist will say about it on Monday. I'm disappointed because I was proud of being a super-healer, I just didn't consider the chemo knocking out my white blood cells so quickly and so profoundly.

It is a truly glorious spring day today. I'm sitting on the porch with a perfect breeze wafting by. J and I just walked up the street to a little festival going on up there, because I had a hot tip that the french fry cart was going to be there. Best french fries ever and I'm not one who usually cares for fries with that. They chop them and cook them right there and have roasted onion aioli and other such tasty dips. G and J agree, best fries, yes, we brought some home for the long and lazy one, because we're pushovers. First greasy food I've had in ages, but so far, so good.

J has been fixated on baking a pie. His catchphrase has always been "I Like Pie", except he doesn't like pie. However, recently he decided that everyone should like at least one kind of pie. He's reading a book called Pie, acquired at the most recent school book fair. It has a picture of a pie and a cat on the cover, so it was a no-brainer of a purchase, and apparently, is a very good book.

All week I promised that we'd bake a pie on Saturday, which... is today. I don't bake, I cook, store bought baked goods are good enough for me. Baking is too mysterious, too much like science. I cheated and bought a crust, I had to borrow a paring knife from a neighbor to peel the apples and we forgot to add an ingredient, but none the less, we have a very lumpy, bumpy, messy pie cooling in the kitchen. It might not be the best pie to have when you're deciding whether to like pie or not, but my boy is happy... in his eyes it's a beautiful pie, and so it is.

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