Monday, May 28, 2012


I’m loving this beautiful weather and enjoying sitting on my porch as much as I thought I would, it’s so nice not to be freezing cold. On the other hand I’m losing my hair {again} and it’s not so easily disguised in summer, as this is no time for fleece hats. I’m surrounded by trees rustling in the wind and pots of gorgeous annuals. My favorite is Osteospermum, yep, the most beautiful flower with the most horrible name. It sounds like a bone disease mixed, with... you know. Really, it’s a daisy like flower that comes in bright orange and yellow with a thin ring of lavender around the center, divine.

I survived a whole Pawsox game yesterday, thank you iPad and Del’s Lemonade and it was well worth it. I went because J’s school chorus sang the National Anthem and we stuck it out because there were fireworks afterwards and they let the chorus kids and their entourages, come down to the field for them, so we laid on blankets and looked up at the fireworks and it was glorious. I love fireworks. I love holding small hands.

While I was videotaping the performance on my new iPhone {yes, Apple should really sponsor this blog}, I was thinking to myself... how do I know it’s taping? Shouldn’t there be a light or something? When I stopped taping the light went on, so yeah, duh, there’s a light, so I really didn’t tape the song, but really, would I ever have watched it?

I have a zillion small tasks to get done today all while looking forward to dinner with neighbors which makes me wonder why your friends who are neighbors don’t get called “friend”, they get relegated to the generic “neighbor” status because of their proximity. Not fair, and quite innacurate in this case.

Tomorrow I’m back in the Fish Tank for a long haul, so I’m enjoying today. I have a long list of questions, churning, redundant questions to torment my oncologist with, poor guy.

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