Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fish and Chips

I felt much better yesterday going to the game and being around other people and just real life in general... even in the rain. I’m usually someone who not only enjoys, but needs a fair bit of time to myself, but it seems that’s not working for me these days. Being alone sends me to the precipice, I need distractions.

If I buy my Neupogen shots at the pharmacy and give them to myself, or more precisely, make my nurse neighbor give them to me giving in to my lifelong fear of needles, they would cost $247 each and my insurance won’t cover them. That’s four times per week for the next 8 to 10 weeks, I’m not even bothering to do the math. If I go to the hospital to have the shots, my insurance will cover it {I think/I hope} and/or the doctor will advocate on my behalf because I need them. Getting them at the hospital will cost my insurer way more than me getting them at CVS, the whole system is so twisted. Counterproductive, that’s how Wikepedia could describe our healthcare system in just one word. Maybe it’s for the best, otherwise, I’d be popping up at the house of a different neighborhood nurse or doctor everynight saying “hi, can you give me this shot? thanks, see ya.”, I’d run the risk of becoming a serious nuisance, if I haven’t already.

I took G to dinner after the game and ate fish and chips, on top of this weekend’s french fries I’m feeling pretty guilty, got to get back to the blender. But oh, I do adore spending time with that boy.


  1. the entire thing is crazy & stupid...well, not the part about yummy fried food, but certainly the rest of it!! xox

  2. i f*&%^$$# hate insurance....the last thing you or any one that is battling an illness should be worried about!!! damn it!!!!

  3. I had to read that TWICE! I thought for sure it was going to be that you were SAVING money by having your neighbor give you the shots. WHOA! They want you to do it in the priciest way. That's just plain nuts.

    This whole thing stinks. I am sorry you even have to have a shot.

  4. shots stink, as well you know. big pharma, they really are evil. i have sympathy for my insurance carrier in that single respect, they are charged crazy prices for drugs, otherwise, they're stinkers too.

  5. our shots are nothing! (says the person who gives them, not gets them)--tiny little things. he doesn't even notice.

    health is so important. i feel like health insurance should be super expensive, way more than it is. and then if you get cancer you get one million dollars. so everyone would say, "well, of course i'd rather have my health but at least there's this pile of money; that's something." it could even just be an iPad. it could be a car. it could be a housekeeping service with all lemon verbena-fragranced things. there should be some kind of fun prize; the surgery + treatments + pills i guess are sort of a prize? but they are not a fun prize. we got pawsox tickets. that's something!

  6. one of my earliest posts was about just that. they give you a dreadful diagnosis and then nothing, no goody bag... i thought there should have been a goody bag to take the edge off. i'm needle-a-phobic, i'd rather get a shot while not looking than give one, don't know if i could do it. needle wuss. no medical career for me.