Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nine Key

Not a bad day. Slept until nine, which I've spelled out because my nine key isn't working. Beloved laptop on last legs, owner in denial, just like with the vehicle. I managed to pack a small order at the studio, pick up child with toothache at school, take 3 hour nap, and order a pizza for dinner. As I was brushing my teeth tonight, I noticed my face is bright red and now since I've seen it, I can feel it. Hope that's nothing bad.

What seems most affected is my brain. Very scrambled in the head I am. I don't remember yesterday. Bits and pieces, but not what anyone ate for dinner, or putting Jonah to bed, I think he slept with me, but I'm not sure. Don't really remember the whole afternoon and I keep saying things backwards and jumbled up. There were lots of dishes in the sink and leftover smoothies in the fridge, both green and kid-friendly fruit, so I must have had an energy burst and made them, but I have no recall. Even today seems a bit of a blur and about a week long. Last night I tossed and turned all night, but tonight I think I will sleep, I'm just that tired.

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