Sunday, May 13, 2012


Yesterday was the last day my shop was open until the farmer's market returns from the great outdoors in November. That place was a touchstone for me, a tether. My goal for every week was to simply get there on Saturday and I think I only missed one or two of them entirely. There were quite a few I only stayed for an hour or two, but it was still a triumph to get there and always lifted my spirits. My new roomies kept the place going for which I'm forever grateful and also indulged me when I was there by allowing me to socialize instead of actually working.

My Saturdays kept me from getting completely isolated and I always knew in a grim week that Saturday at the bustling, friendly market would make me feel better and it always did. Many thanks to all the friends, old and new who stopped by, all the lovely farmers, everyone. It was also my cash source. I grabbed the money from the drawer for my weekly grocery and whatever money, so I didn't rack up credit card debt and the money that went straight into my account from charges was used to pay out vendors. That was my high tech accounting system. So no more Saturday's, no more cash. Plan B, Plan B, Plan B... what was that again?

I spent late afternoon in the studio yesterday and just as I got home, my neighbors, who are more like family than neighbors were on their way out on a dinner date to Chez Pascal, our beautiful neighborhood french restaurant. W asked what I was doing so I put on my most pathetic face and said, "oh, going home to eat a tuna sandwich for dinner and mope around missing my kids cause they're at their dads tonight... I'll probably just channel surf. So yeah, naturally, I went out to dinner with them and had a great time. A cathartic, lovely time. I've become an expert date chaperone because I have very few single friends, so who am I gonna go out with? And what is better than going to dinner with people who's plates you can eat right off off without even thinking?

I've never liked asparagus and it turns out asparagus is the anti-breast cancer food, although according to my cure every disease with food book, you'd have to eat about $30 worth of asparagus every day and I suspect after one day of that you'd never eat asparagus again even if you loved it, but I don't eat it at all. Until we ordered an asparagus appetizer which was to die for. So now I'm hoping to incorporate at least some asparagus into my diet... occasionally. I would think grilled on a salad would be good.

So people, if you need a date chaperone... I'm your girl, and no cancer talk I promise.


  1. sooo funny...having an asparagus omelette as we speak!! I'm a TOTAL asparagus lover! Steamed with a vinaigrette is fa-bu-lous! But be VERY weary of the "shtinky pee syndrome" that invariably follows over bueno!
    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Hope u have a wonderful day with J & G! Sending u love and hugs from NY x ox

  2. have you been to beehive in bristol? it is more casual than chez pascal, but i bet they have something awesome with asparagus right about now.

  3. never been, but if you're going on a date, I'd be happy to chaperone : }

  4. The cafe part of Venda has incredible asparagus, they wrap it in proscuitto and then grill it and add some thin bits of parm on top of it. It's amazing, and pork makes everything more tasty! I highly recommend it.

  5. that sounds great and i do agree that pork makes everything taste better. sadly, all the alternative healers, acupuncturists, nutritional healers, all say not to eat pork if you have cancer. i need to research this further, don't want to be passing on the pig if i don't really, really have to.

  6. I put asparagus in a baggie w/a little olive oil, garlic, s&p for a little while, then grill.... yummy (coming from a non-asparagus lover till this method!)...