Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pete the Plumber

I’ve been tired this week, I don’t feel my blood counts bouncing back up. So when I arrived at my studio and headed towards my “reserved” parking spot, Imagine my dismay at being greeted by a big black van parked diagonally across not one, but the only two handicapped spaces in the lot. I don’t think so, Pete the Plumber, with your phone number emblazoned on the side of your van. Not until that moment have I ever really appreciated having a cell phone. I’m a big time conflict avoider, but not today. Hello is this Pete the plumber? Would that be the same Pete the plumber who is illegally parked in not one, but two handicapped parking spots? And then I told Pete the plumber exactly what I thought of his parking strategy and I damn it, it felt good. And then, since I’m chickenshit, I high-tailed it out of there before Pete the plumber came to move his van which I suspect he did very quickly. I can only hope that Pete the Plumber isn’t hoping I get cancer or something equally dreadful, apparently some people do that kind of thing.


  1. I swear, i thought of you... hey, stasia would have left the guy a pile of pulp, i can give him some shit. LOL, quit being so nice : }