Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I can't believe that yesterday was only yesterday, it feels a world away. I muddled through the evening, not getting out of the hospital until 4p.m., but when I took J to bed all hell broke loose. I had to kick the poor kid out of the bathroom to make room for me, and ultimately shouted, "get me a trash bag from the kitchen, quick". Just in the nick of time the plastic bag flew in the door and between heaves I shouted, "Griffin, call your dad, tell him to come pick you guys up." But his dad's phone wasn't working, he'd answer but not hear anything, so J got my phone and from my bathroom office I tried calling. I hoped that seeing all the caller IDs from us would translate to S.O.S. and it mercifully did. He came and got them and after about an hour in my new office, I climbed into bed. Had a good nights sleep and feel better today than I have in ages.

The chemo I had yesterday isn't supposed to make you sick, so maybe it wasn't that. My stomach had been hurting all week and maybe my body just wisely decided it was time for a purge. Out with the toxins, in with the new. So I'm cleansed and I feel worlds better. Got a fair bit done today and am now lounging in bed typing this with J playing on my iPad with his head on my shoulder. Poor little dude was kind of shaken up last night, but he continues to be amazingly resilient, I think we all do. Yay for us.


  1. I am glad you feel better. Good job by the dad and by the hurling and by the fast garbage bag retrieval. Kim, you're amazing! You're doing everything right.

  2. the garbage bag retrieval was key. it was like ballet, the timing so perfect... grab, open, barf.