Friday, May 25, 2012

Cherries and Kitty Cats

I think sitting on the porch on a warm day with a breeze cures all. That plus fresh cherries, my favorite fruit because they’re a full spectrum experience. Cherries are gorgeous, I could look at them all day, delicious and healthy and they just plain make me happy.

A small, possibly stray black cat came meowing up onto my porch today and I’ve fallen instantly in love. Beautiful green eyes and just a few white hairs on her neck. Friendly and skinny, she was so happy to be pet and climbed onto my lap. I know the last thing I should be doing is touching stray cats in my immuno-suppressed state, but I can’t resist a kitty. When I was a kid, I would only have black cats, I wouldn’t pick a kitten unless it was pure black, one white hair and forget it. I have no idea what my obsession with black cats was, but now I have a real fondness for calicos, I think they have the sweetest dispositions. I’ve put out the word on my neighborhood listserve, I hope she finds her way home... but comes back to visit.

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