Sunday, February 12, 2012

Soul Mates

I have not been discussing Rick Santorum with my 10-year old, it did not seem an appropriate or relevant topic. Nor have I been talking about Rick Santorum in front of him, because I've been reclusive and not really letting people come over and visit... I've been blog ranting only. None the less, he comes home from school on Friday, my baby, my sweet pea, the apple of my eye,  and asks me the names of the people running for president and I recite them. "Santorum, that's it, Rick Santorum, I don't like that guy at all... we were researching the candidates today and I don't like anything he has to say about anything... he doesn't like people and he thinks his religion should be everyones religion and... and... and..."

Damn that gave me a kick, I always knew that kid was my soulmate, but he proves it to me over and over again. All weekend, he's been ranting about Rick Santorum. I hear ya kid, I know exactly what you mean.

We have the same cold and cough too.

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