Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In Print

I was really nervous about going to the event at J's school tonight. I'd been weepy all day and thought when people talked to me I'd just be a soggy, blithering mess, but I wound up having a lovely time. You're not getting out much when the elementary school pasta dinner with frozen "meat" balls and hoodsie cups is a big night out.

Not long ago an acquaintance, a local writer and fellow 5th grade parent asked if she could write an article for our local paper about my blog, she has dibs on the back page to do with what she pleases. I vacillated between yes and no, it was hard to understand why she would want to, but I was so taken aback by how much she loves the blog, so touched, so validated in a way I can't describe, so with life already in chaos I thought, what the hell, learn to accept a compliment and see where it leads, be fearless.

We agreed that my name not be used, it's available on the blog for anyone who must know, but seeing it in print all over my neighborhood seemed too out there, too revealing, and I felt like the article would be more about the blog, less about one specific person. Anyway, the editor took liberties and my name is pasted all over the article, but well, I guess that's o.k. too. I'm really flattered that someone would find my writing, writing-worthy and you know... worse things have happened.

I feel sorry for anyone who tunes in now because my last post is so bleak. So message to new readers, start at the beginning, before I became a musty cave dweller, there is humor, I swear. Read Semen, or Sea Cucumber. I'll get back on track, I swear.

So thank you Liz Rau for this beautiful article and for giving me the self-confidence to keep writing.,


  1. so cool...i've long thought your missives deserved a much wider audience!
    hope the chemo went ok....i'm sure you'll be posting....

  2. I think that is fantastic... seriously. I love your "about me" too. xo

  3. great article, greater blog. and they do take liberties in journalism, but this once I agree it was for the best...