Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Every day I hear or read something quoted in the news that I can't believe I'm hearing in the 21st century. Nothing takes your mind off cancer like Rick Santorum, or Words with Friends and thank goodness, Jon Stewart, I don't have to waste energy being outraged and appalled, I can let Stewart do it for me, and funnier.

What's almost as annoying as Santorum is falling out eyebrows, because do you know where eyebrows go when they fall out? Right smack into your eye.

I've done a complete turn around, however, on the bald thing. If girl baldness was in vogue {because I'm so stylish and yes, you can laugh here}, I'd stay bald, I think I look better, it's comfortable and low maintenance. Drafty, yeah, that's the big drawback, but if you wear a hoodie, and leave hats all over the house, you're all set.

All the doctors and nurses kept telling me that the effects of chemo were cumulative and I realize now that I didn't understand what that meant. I thought that being on an every three week cycle meant that when I went for a new infusion, the old stuff was out of me, but I think what they meant by cumulative {and I don't know why I'm only figuring this out now} meant that there were still drugs doing their thing and now we were adding new ones on top of old ones and with each subsequent chemo, there'd be more drugs in my system and hence a longer recovery time so that's why the symptoms last longer, the dry yucky mouth, aversion to food, queasiness, fatigue, all that fun stuff. I've been a little slow on the uptake here which isn't like me.

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