Monday, February 13, 2012

Natural News

I saw a link on facebook this morning to an article at that declared Whitney Houston another victim of the pharmaceutical industry. I was going to comment, but didn't want to get into a war of words with anyone, but the article has been nagging at me all day.

I'm no fan of the pharmaceutical industry, they're greedy, manipulative, big biz at it's worst... at the same time, they save lives. One of the first things we were all taught as kids and in turn teach our kids is that "you only take the amount the doctor says to take", even if it's a yummy, gummy, multicolored vitamin, you only take one!!!

I don't think Whitney Houston is a victim of anything other than her own demons. There were probably over prescribing doctors involved and pharmacy's willing to over fill, a list of enablers, but the pharmaceutical industry didn't wedge open Whitney's mouth and pour a whole bottle of Xanax down her grammy-winning gullet and then offer her a whiskey chaser {or five}.

There are times when a single Xanax saves my life, sorry natural news if that makes me weak, or a dupe. Nat News also says that Heath Ledger was "killed" by prescription drugs and there is a "holocaust of prescription drug deaths every day." Bad choice of words.

Now I have mixed feelings about drugs these days because my next chemo is on Thursday and I'm dreading it {excuse me while I grab a Xanax}, truly dreading it. I understand why people refuse treatment, why they just walk away and wander off into the wild blue yonder, it's an appealing notion at the moment. Countered of course, by the whole dying of cancer thing which is really unappealing, more so than my level of anxiety and toxicity so I'll be showing up on Thursday, because I suspect there are not enough herbs at whole foods to deal with my unfriendly malignancy and I'm not willing to risk it, sorry Natural News, I'm going big pharma, warts and all.

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  1. I'm all for personal responsibility. Enough of "the dog ate my homework." I heard this morning that she had taken something to calm her nerves, because she was attending some pre-grammy event in the hotel later, and was taking a bath when she fell asleep or lost consciousness or whatever and drowned. The story was there was water in her lungs. The bedroom / the bathroom seem to be the preferred location for celebrity die-offs, it seems.