Sunday, August 5, 2012

So There!

The powers that be are wrong, wrong, wrong, Citizen Kane is the best movie ever made and should another film overtake it, Vertigo is not it. Vertigo isn't even Hitchcock's best, and while I love him, and The 39 Steps and Rear Window are among my favorite movies, they are not the best ever made. So there errant list makers!

Every year, my beloved Artbeat in Somerville has a different theme and logo and they sell t-shirts of the designs. Sometimes I buy the shirt, but I wind up never wearing it because high, constricting t-shirt necks drive me crazy, it's no great mystery where my kids get their sensory issues from. This year I bought the spaghetti strapped tank top which I never would have attempted to house the big kahunas in, but today I'm wearing it and I love it! So comfortable and on a hot day, no sweat underneath or between them, certainly no bra, it's bliss. I love how I look in the mirror with a cute skirt to match, I don't feel one bit less feminine, so there plastic surgeons! True, I can't work the cleavage, but do I want a man who's only criteria is cleavage? Should I be nominated for an Academy Award, my fabulous fashion choices would indeed by limited, which is a shame, but I think I can live with that. I would, I admit, like my hair back, I feel like I've experienced baldness fully, there's nothing more to gain, luckily according to my estimates, I think it should start growing back in 4-6 weeks, so there, chrome dome!

I've had the nicest damned weekend... wait, if it was nice, how could it be damned, that is a really odd phrase. It's remarkable how one's mood can be contingent on how their body is feeling. Compared to last week, I feel fabulous, yeah my feet are numb, my port is pinching me, my back is achy from the Neupogen shots which they call the "bone crusher", but this is nothing akin to where I've been so many times in the last year, different countries, different planets, so I feel great and really happy, so there stupid cancer! Actually, I've gotten off so lightly with the Neupogen, I get occasional mild aches from it, I only needed an advil once or twice, I've heard of people debilitated by it.

Yesterday I had a visit from a friend I hadn't seen in 25{ish} years and it was lovely. I kidnapped J from his dad to take him to our friend's arts and crafts party. This couple and my son are kindred spirits, artists all and I think they are his fairy art parents, they chat as peers about their ideas and it's adorable and really important I think, for kids to have other special adults in their life, so I am mightily grateful for their relationship to him and of course, I love them just as much.

This morning, I woke up to an empty house which doesn't seem to happen all that often and it was a slice of heaven to be able to just doze on and off until 11:00 a.m. Quiet, no rushing, no doing anything for anyone except me. I picked up a treat and an iced tea and spent 3-4 quality, productive hours in the studio and then someone called and asked if I'd like to come over for dinner... hell yes! Tomorrow I mail off three wholesale orders, start a long over due custom piece, and enjoy the day before I'm back in the tank on Tuesday which I don't even mind doing because I'm done with the Carboplatin which is pure evil, done with you Carbo, so there!!!

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