Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Magic Dragon

I’m sitting on my porch, it’s a beautiful day, it’s 3:11 p.m. and middle school got out at 2:45. Little boy is walking home from school for the first time, it’s a long walk, I fear just a few blocks or more too long for those spindly little legs and a large, heavy backpack. I’m a nervous wreck waiting.

He’s walking home with the girl next door who is in eighth grade. They’ve known each other since she was two and he was born. The were thick as thieves for years and years. Bestie best friends with a touch of older sister in it for her. She knew him so well and is such a kind and sweet girl she put up with his volatility and was always patient when he had a, shall we say, moment. They used to play for ten hours straight, day after day, jabbering on a mile a minute, up to all kinds of crazy games, and mischief, almost speaking in their own language. I love this girl, she is the same age my daughter would have been and she occupies the same birth order in the family that I grew up as, middle child between older sister and younger brother, not the easiest spot. She’s always been special to me and their friendship was always beautiful and endlessly amusing to watch. Those two filled my house and my heart with happy sounds for years.

And then as she should, and anyone, including me would have predicted, she grew up when she hit middle school and they went their separate ways. She turned into a girl and a big kid and the little boy got left behind like Puff the Magic Dragon. But as she is the sweetest thing, a truly nice person, and still, I think, feels a little big sisterly, she offered to walk home with Jonah today because now they’re at the same school. I’m hoping they can get to know each other again as big kids, but that’s up to them. As for now, I’m just worrying... did they meet up at the front steps as planned? are the spindly legs holding up or cracked like twigs? Has the lack of eating lunch {because I’m sure he hasn't} caught up to him? I know he doesn’t know the way home by himself, is he lost?

Oh, oh, I hear them, they’re coming down the street yapping up a storm. All is well, they’re inside the house now eating creamsicles and talking about Dr. Who, J’s latest obsession and it turns out her’s as well. I can hear them talking a mile a minute, things change and some beautiful things stay the same. Welcome back Katie. She just told him she’s free to walk home with him tomorrow if he wants to, “sure” he says with a confident grin. I could cry, seriously, such a familiar sound those two and it's been a long time.


  1. Picked up where they left off.

    Beautiful post


  2. beautiful kids. check out the pix i put on my FB page, they'll bring back memories.