Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Oh my god, I want to scream! Media, what is wrong with you? This neanderthal Todd Akin is saying he just mispoke a single word and everyone is picking on him. I assume that to be the word “legitimate,” “legitimate rape” and every single commentator leaves it at that. What about the other words, the possibly even more ignorant and ridiculous words about women having a way to shut those things down. Follow up questions people, follow up!

While I’m on a rant may I just say, Diana Nyad, you’re awesome, you’re super awesome, you’re amazing, but move the heck on and quit trying to swim to cuba or whatever you’re doing. Where does Diana get her enterouge of 200? Could their energy and resources not be better spent somewhere other than constantly attempting this pointless feat so that this swimmer can splash around in self-aggrandizement?

See? I’m feeling better, I’m off the couch thanks to the blood of others, literally. If you’ve ever given blood you are a lifesaver and I mean that literally too. I am thinking about all blood donors today in addition to Todd Akin and Diana Nyad and the corrupt democratic machine in Providence and the School Deptartment which now has my son’s 6th grade class so over enrolled there are currently 29 kids assigned to each class and will have others obstensibly just wandering the halls with nowhere to go. And I saw a KIA and I’m flummoxed again.

Thank you blood donor, I promise to be less ornery tomorrow.

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