Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bad Alliteration

Romney is sickening and ridiculous, but Romney and Ryan is dangerous. Please let us be smarter than when we went to the polls and elected W, I’m scared and so damned sick of tall, white men wanting to tell everyone else what to do, and ultimately only serving themselves. And that is the perfect segue into local politics where I’d like to tell any local friends that I’m really excited to be avidly supporting Maryellen Butke for State Senate in District 3. You know me, I’ve done my research, and I am really impressed with Maryellen -- her years and years of work in public education reform, her commitment to getting gay marriage passed in Rhode Island and the knowledgeable {she has all the degrees you could possibly want} and human way she embodies a truly progressive point of view.

I’m thinking of having one of those meet and greet gatherings at my house for her, something I’ve never done or even attended, but it’s got to be soon, the primary is on Sept. 11. I’ve already said I would do it but I’m looking at my schedule of last chemo and surgery and I know I’m biting off more than I can chew, at the same time, it seems a really important thing to do as I think she’s going into this as a bit of an underdog, since Rhoda Perry hand-picked her replacement and she’s got all the powers that be behind her. So very sick and tired of not doing the things I want to do, I think I’m going to really suck it up and do this or I’ll hate myself.

I was at the grocery store yesterday and a woman came flying towards me with the biggest breasts, just wobbling out of her shirt and I thought to myself “nice ones” and that shocked even me. That is just not something I’m used to thinking, nice ones? Oh my god, and they were huge, i’ve never wanted huge breasts and still don’t, are they putting testosterone in my chemo drip? They really were more scary than nice, but there is my brain saying “nice ones”. This obsession with breasts isn’t maudlin, it’s just constant and weird and takes me by surprise over and over again. So if we’re having coffee together, yeah, I’m looking at your boobs, please don’t be uncomfortable, but do slap me if I try to touch them.

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