Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Flunk

I flunked my blood test today, so no surgery, no port removal, but I did sidle up to the bar for two bags of B+. Transfusions are the worst because they take forever. First they have to do the initial blood work to check your levels, then when a transfusion is required they send more blood to be typed and crossmatched which I'm not sure why they have to do every single time {but I agree, better safe than sorry}, then it takes at least an hour to get the blood, so all in all, seven hours tethered to a chair. As I was expecting surgery today, I didn't bring all my stuff, my shameless suite of Apple products, no iPad, the horror, no snacks and no breakfast, again, as I didn't eat past midnight hoping I would make it into surgery.

Transfusions are also the best because they make you feel better. The first 24 hours or so, I feel like my body struggles a little bit to adjust and then, zowie, I can breathe again, I can move, I can literally feel that there is more oxygen traveling from head to toe. Since this, my hopefully last transfusion, #6, wasn't accompanied by chemo, I'm hoping for a vast improvement in how I've been feeling.

I was back on the internet yesterday since I couldn't get up, and now I realize I have to test drive a Honda as well as a Toyota. It's going to be a tough call, the Yota is way more aesthetically appealing from the outside, but I learned that the dashboard lights up in "amber" which I don't agree with at all. I'd much prefer, first, blue and then red, amber doesn't really cut it. Additionally, I like the placement and type of gear shifter in the Honda, but the rest of the attributes are split 50/50 between each and prices are similar. Figure I'll drive both and then see what turns up with the best price. Then there is the dilemma between buying new and stripped down, or used with silly, but very fun amenities. I'd love a built in GPS and I'm completely infatuated with side view mirrors that defrost as well as remote starting capabilities so I could warm up the car and defrost the windows without going outside. So there it is, the answer to the weeks old question of what would I do if I only had a few years to live... I'd defrost my windshield without going outside.

As eager as I am to get the port out, I didn't make an appointment until after labor day, a few weeks from now. The next two weeks hold middle school orientation, first days of school, shopping for school supplies, finishing up summer reading projects and myriad doctor's appointments. Adding a surgery, despite how minor to the mix, just seemed too much.

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