Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bah Humbug!

I went into this weekend as usual, with plans and optimism, thinking I didn’t feel too badly thoughout the week, so the weekend was going to be amazing -- productive, funtional, fun. And pretty quickly, as usual, I vaguely recall, because I don’t seem to remember this phenomena from week to week, I’m flat on my back. Weak, nauseaus, upset stomach and crazy dizzy when I stand up. I almost turned around on the way back from getting my shot at the hospital to return, but I just couldn’t bear the E.R., not fond of my disappointment and fear, but I’m stuck with at least those.

I feel just horrible, I guess this chemo really hits me a few day later and not immediately, like the first regimen did, and with my chemo brain, I can’t seem to keep track of that week to week. It’s 5p.m. and I’m finally out of bed and cooking pasta, but I have to keep sitting down as the room spins. My brain feels like it might as well be living in a jar on a shelf, because I just can’t seem to get anywhere.

Only fun thing today is hearing the serious newscasters say "pussy riot".

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