Tuesday, August 14, 2012

F is for flunked

I flunked my CBC today and I'm not surprised because I've been feeling completely played out. I found a pile of jeans that didn't fit any more in my dresser and I decided to try some on and the mere act of pulling up and buttoning two pairs of pants left my arms aching and my lungs gasping for breathe, now that's just pathetic. Good news is that one pair fit and one was too big.

Because it was my last chemo, they let me do it even though my white blood cells are really low and would have normally disqualified me. I do, however, require at least another week of daily shots which I thought I was done with, and it may delay my surgery next week.

I had been hoping to be done well before school starts, so we could have some fun field trips, but it looks like it isn't going to go down that way.

Right now I can't focus on any of that, I'm consumed with little boy's 6th grade schedule and how we did not exactly win the teacher choice lottery. I'm hoping to drag my bad, bald self in there later in the week and beg, plead and cry at them. I've not wanted, or expected anyone's sympathy or special treatment, but I'm not holding back with this, I want what I want despite fierce school policy regarding swapping teachers. I'm normally a very low maintenance parent, but I'm not willing to just roll the dice here although ultimately, I may not have a choice. It really makes me wonder when I'm going to catch a break. I do, however, believe I was issued a "cancer card" upon diagnosis and I've refrained from using it until now, but I'm playing that baby and it may not be pretty.


  1. Kim, today I asked for something related to a teacher swap and my (much less) special medical situation and I got it. I think the key phrases were "overall well-being" and "feeling comfortable in a new situation." Good luck!!

  2. Is unusual for them to agree? Regardless, I'm borrowing your jargon and glad it worked out for you!

  3. You Go Girl! I think you're totally justified... and the verbage is perfect!
    Good Luck!

  4. What are you swapping the teacher for? :)