Friday, August 17, 2012

Shiny, Pretty

I’m dreaming of Toyotas, shiny, pretty Toyota RAV4s. After weeks of pouring over auto websites and viewing and reviewing the specs and the galleries, the darkhorse Toyota, originally not considered due to preconceived fear of price, dashed up and stole my heart. I don’t know what the specs and ameneties are, I don’t know the gas mileage, I just know I like the dashboard design, it has round air vents, I like round and I like it’s shape. I think it’s the smartest looking of the vehicles I've been pondering so I’ve decided not to obsess, not to spend weeks test driving five different brand cars, I’m just gonna go hunt me down a sweet little Toyota. I loved the Corolla I had years ago, so that’s that. Somewhere out there is a fabulous deal on a RAV4, I just know it.

I had the worst insomnia last night, it’s just getting worse and worse. Popped two Vicodin’s and still couldn’t sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time. Maybe it was the chemical cake bomb I ate, maybe there was a chemical conflict when it encountered all the chemicals already swimming around inside me. When I’m finally done with my five days per week at the clinic, I can spend some time having acupuncture and easing into exercise and hopefully that will help. Of course, before I know it, I’ll be at radiation five days a week, cancer is time consuming.

Now that I’m done with chemo, I’m anxious for hair sprouts. I wonder what it will be like to just blend in, look like everyone else. I wonder if it will be easier or harder when I look normal on the outside, but don’t feel normal on the inside. Maybe surreal is just going to be my new normal, in so many respects.


  1. on a very pragmatic note, a good friend has a car agent who will buy her her dream car of a volvo v50 in bright red. i am not sure that's actually the name of the car. but whatever your dream used car is, this man will find it, buy it at auction, and tack on a $1000 finder's fee for his work. cool, right? (i had never heard of this kind of car agent before.) email me if you want me to find out his name!

  2. i have vaguely heard of that in the past, but I'd be too worried about a car that wound up at auction, you know? I think I need at least a little warranty. although, someone only 1 or 2 years old would still have some factory warranty perhaps. what would you do?

  3. Kim, if you give me a hint of what you can pay, I may be able to help you choose and get a good price, since I'm the appointed car buyer in my family and I do lots of research. Rav4 is great for people with tall sons, but the mileage isn't totally stellar. Honda Fit can be had (2009 - now version is the one that won all the accolades). Have you visited Consumer Reports for their car buying service? You select the car you want and then dealers give you a bid. My daughter Claire's new 2012 Honda Fit was ~ 16,000. She was persuaded to buy new although she didn't want to, because she was only paying a thousand more for new over a pre-owned, and she keeps cars forever. I don't know what they do for late model used cars. Who would have thought I'd be an 'expert' car buyer?