Sunday, April 29, 2012

Volunteer Opportunity

Craftopia was a ton of fun for me. A chance to catch up with friends and feel functional for a change, well worth it despite the ensuing exhaustion. So grateful to so many people that helped out. I think the show was successful, but I'd really like to find a way to increase foot traffic 30%. No easy task as we already do everything we can possibly think of and got really great advance press.

At every show I've hired my eldest son and his pack of friends to work as porters helping the vendors bring in all their stuff... the crafty don't travel light. This time, however, instead of speaking with parents and organizing it all myself, I not only left it to him, but told him I needed volunteers only. Lo and behold, at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning I had a giant posse of gracious helpers. I am proud of my boy, he got the job done and oh, this pack of teenaged boys, many of whom I've known since preschool or close to it, I just adore, and I'll go sit in the chemo chair tomorrow because I want to be at their weddings some day. G stayed for the whole day with another boy working the entry table and they did a fabulous job and were just plain helpful and wonderful.

I took G out to dinner tonight to thank him and now we're getting ready for Game of Thrones, so life is good. I don't talk about G here nearly as much as I talk about J and it's certainly not because I adore him any less, it's out of respect for his privacy. I figure the only thing worse than being in High School and having a mother that's blogging is to have one that's blogging about you. While G knows about the blog, but chooses not to read it, I suppose some of his friends and schoolmates may take a peek here and there and I know many of their parents do, so I try to keep that in mind.

Nothing would make me happier than to brag about my tall, beautiful, straight A, great athlete, confident, charming, first born son. Or to share my exasperation when he's being a knucklehead which like all teenagers is often. Or my worries that he keeps everything inside and is a tad too afraid of emotion like his father, that they have a little too much in common, but past this post, I'm going back to my silence.

At 11a.m. tomorrow, I'm a hamster back on the cancer wheel, but I'm happy to say I have really enjoyed my surgery vacation.


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Have you seen 50-50? This is a cancer movie, harrowing, but very funny. It might be fun to watch in the chair. Or maybe that is a terrible idea. I love this movie.

    I saw you! You look beautiful! G. too. So handsome, so tall, so helpful. Craftopia was--it couldn't have been better, except it was too bad the wooden shaving rose artist couldn't be there.

  2. i agree, thin crust pizza beat sunday school! i saw 50-50, liked, but not love. jealous of communal chemo chairs... i do upscale chemo in private cubby.

  3. so fabulous to see you and share in your hospitality both in your home and at the show! keep on keepin' on as is your nature! you amaze and impress me each and every day!

  4. GN: i have VERY much enjoyed getting to know you better this year!