Friday, April 6, 2012

Long Tall Sally

I admit to feeling blue today, maybe it's my bizarre tumor or maybe my color coincides with the arrival of my mother. Very loud television puts me on edge, I think I have sensory issues, atmosphere is important to me -- the t.v. can't be too loud or the lights too bright. I want my house back, I want my life back.

My boys are home and so happy to be here which makes me happy. I had the strangest sensation today, as I walked up to the bank, I felt like I was 7-feet tall. Not in the, I-feel-so-good-it's-like-I'm-seven-feet-tall way, but, literally, seven feet tall. I felt like I was seeing things from a higher perspective and I felt myself walking on really long legs, which makes no sense considering how slow I was going. The feeling lasted all the way home. I have no explanation.

I'm touched beyond words by all the sweet and thoughtful folks leaving things on the porch and sending packages. Small things go a long way, they really do. I feel like I'm getting isolated, like if I don't leave the house soon, I may not, so I'm going to go into the shop and be at the farmer's market for an hour or so tomorrow, I'm making myself, and then to a preview performance at the most special Carriage House Theater just a hop down the road.

There is a legion of lawn waste bags in front of my house, packed by most cherished R who came to stay with me earlier in the week. He spent 3 days cleaning up my yard and doing battle with some ornamental grass that was too much to ask of anyone. I hope I would be, or have been, at some point, as generous and kind as so many people have been to me. Note to self: be that way.

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  1. so you'll be shopping at the Big and Tall store from now on then? <3 xoxo