Friday, April 27, 2012

Twinkies and Twizzlers

I'm feeling much better and I feel horrible I haven't posted that sooner. I'm up to my eyeballs getting ready for Craftopia tomorrow and I think busy is better. I think the planets are aligned for a great event. The weather will be nice, but not too nice and we made the #1 thing to do on the RI Monthly e-blast {so no scrolling down necessary to find us} which is great. More and more people seem to have heard about the show and that's really exciting... to have created something from nothing, and I continue to adore working with my partners on this, we're a great team and it's amusing what utterly different strengths {and weaknesses} we all bring to the table. We were lucky to find the right combo which is a big part of why the event is so successful and fun for everyone involved. It's a great feeling too, realizing that we're helping other local artists make money, even if only for two days a year. A labor of love is a good thing.

Not long ago, I was reading some on-line cancer message boards and folks were talking about what foods they were able to eat during chemo. For me it was matzo ball soup and cold wet fruits and vegetables like watermelon, cucumbers, cold hummus with lemon on toast, and of course crate after crate of beautiful, shiny clementines. In this discussion one person said all they craved were twinkies and pepsi so that's all they ate and the next ate only baloney sandwiches and twizzlers, and so on.

So what I've decided is these folks must make up a vast majority of the 35% with poor prognoses, add in the smokers, heavy drinkers, older folks with other health problems and me and my vitamix should be fine, it only seems fair, although "fair" doesn't have much to do with things does it?

My kids busted me on too many vegetables in the smoothies, I think the tomatoes gave me away, so I've cut back and yesterday's secret ingredient was watermelon rind, with just the outer green part cut off and they loved it, it really gave the drink a nice crisp flavor, almost like cucumber.

As for me, I've bought my first beet and I'm aiming for beet and spinach with a lot of lemon and ginger and probably strawberries and/or blackberries.

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