Thursday, April 19, 2012

Corsets and Kickbacks

It's true, as I suspected... when you're not leading with the boobs, you're leading with the belly. This is unfortunate for me as I have the multiple-baby-pooch and a few extra pounds. When you have a Diep Flap reconstruction, the 14-hour microsurgery, you get a free tummy tuck, literally, because they take fat and skin from your belly to build new boobs and then they tuck it all in nicely. Unlike when they rip you open for a C-Section and staple you up willy nilly with no thought to symmetry or tidyness, here there is a plastic surgeon involved, so you get the tummy tuck.

I think since I'm not having the surgery, which my insurance company would be obligated to pay for, I should at least get a kickback, 30-50% of the cost seems fair to me and of course there'll be no complications, medications or physical therapy that they'll have to pay for, so they save even more. 50% kickback, or the procedure of my choice, like just the tummy tuck.

The most unfair thing is that because of the extreme tightness in my chest, I feel like I'm wearing a crazy tight bra while the only fringe benefit to mastectomy is not having to wear a bra. I feel like I'm wearing a corset, so I envision myself with a perky, corseted chest and when I pass a mirror it's not there... just belly. No fair, seriously no fair.

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  1. Walk on your hands; you'll lead with a bodacious chest and a tight belly. When in doubt, invert.