Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm uncomfortably skanky at this point. I'm seeing the surgeon tomorrow and if all goes well she'll remove my drains and I can shower, shower, shower and shower again.

when I was leaving the hospital I realized that my hair was growing. It feels all soft and downy, but my head is looking like a styrofoam ball and at some point I suppose I'll look like a skin head. I'm not quite ready for hair, it seems like something else to adjust to.

I'm still healing really well, I've decided I'm a super-healer, an amazon, goddess, warrior, supersonic healer. I'm curious how many stitches I have, but I'm not counting them, don't think I could if I wanted to, some are too far over on the side. My beloved vicodan has started giving me nightmares, I hope the doctor will give me new drugs tomorrow.

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