Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Half Glass

After the kids got picked up by their father, I went to the studio for a couple of hours and got a little bit done... not much, but a little and the whole time I was there I was starving. I was thinking of doing some errands on the way home, but I was too hungry, so I decided to be nice to myself and sit at the bar at Chez Pascal were my friend D is the bartender. Turns out though, that Wed., is D's night off and I'm terrible about eating out alone.

Couldn't very well turn around and leave when the owner/greeter is sweet as pie and the bar was empty, so I grabbed a seat and had onion soup and bread, most delicious comfort food and was perfectly happy staring out the window. I had planted myself right in the middle of the bar and eventually someone else occupied each end. I don't know bar etiquette, do you say hello? pretend to check your email? Eventually, as the bar filled up, an older couple sat next to me, they were a couple of characters in the best possible sense. The man asked if I was a cancer patient and when I said yes, he started nudging his companion, "take off your wig, take off your wig, show her." And she did, brave woman. He insisted on buying me a drink, but I haven't had a drink in months, so what do you do when someone sincerely wants to buy you a drink and for the kindest reasons? You agree to half a drink. So I had a half glass of the loveliest Sauvignon Blanc from Burgundy. Yep, apparently Burgundy is now allowing other types of grapes to be grown there and well, the white grape growers are doing a fine job.

This couple drove all the way down from Boston to eat at Chez Pascal because they like to be adventurous. Both divorced and going on wednesday evening adventures together, so I'm hoping that bodes well for later in life dating. I've been feeling demoralized about that because well, feeling like I've lost quite a bit of mojo, literally. Feel like the goods I've got to sell diminish by the day and I don't know that I had a great sales presentation to begin with, but a girl can hope because it would be nice not to sit alone at the bar among other far more important things.

I got home and went to make tea and couldn't help but notice the three dark chocolate bars I've been trying to ignore, sitting right there near the tea, so I've finally delved into them {you'd be impressed to know how long they've been there} and am much too relaxed to work on my taxes, or put away laundry, so I'm declaring it movie night.

I really did enjoy that half a glass.


  1. i think your glass is pretty full of wonderful stuff.

  2. You should be writing a book! You have the knack :)

  3. I love, love, love this entry. It's a lovely scene, you sitting with your Very Self at a bar, but then being accompanied in the sitting by these two lovely people.