Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fate, Love, Learn

I was lucky enough today to see a preview performance of Brain Storm at the Carriage House Theater on Duncan Ave. {off N. Main Street}. It's a dance, multi-media piece and the best thing I've seen there yet. It will be there the next three weekends and I really recommend it to anyone local {or semi-local}. Brilliant and entertaining, they really outdid themselves with the multi-media aspect of things. J especially liked the part where someone portrays what it's like to have a stroke, he found it "very interesting".

A character in a wheelchair, resulting from a brain injury said "you have to learn to love your fate." How much does that resonate for me? I will remember that line, I'll repeat it like a mantra. Thank you Everett, you provided a grande first, post-surgery outing for me.

It's hard to go out, to run into people who haven't seen me since I became cancer-girl. I don't want to be cancer-girl anymore, but I have to learn to love my fate.

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